Famous Americans and Holiday

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Who was George Washington

First President


What did George Washington help put into practice

Four basic principles


What did George Washington believe in

New Republican for of Government


Who was Thomas Jefferson

The Third President


What did Thomas Jefferson write

The Declaration of Independence


What did the Declaration of Independence state

We the people have certain rights


Who was Abraham Lincoln

The 16th President


What did citizens of our country disagree about durning his presidency

basic principles of equality


What did Abraham Lincoln believe

people were created equal


What did he help do

Free the slaves


Who was Rosa Parks

an african american woman


At the time there were laws that did what

laws that forced people to sit in the back of city buses


What did Rosa Parks brave actions do for people

bring about equal rights


What did Rosa Parks refuse to do

give up her seat to a white person


Who was Thurgood Marshall

A lawyer


What did Thurgood Marshall do

defended citizens without certain rights and was the first african american to be just of the Supreme Court


What did Martin Luther King Jr do

He helped to change the laws about equality


Who was Martin Luther King Jr

a minister


Who was Cesar Chavez

a labor leader


What did Cesar Chavez do

He worked to improve conditions for farm workers


When is Veterans Day

November 11th


When is Memorial Day

last Monday in May


What are the basic principles held by all Americans

Right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equailty under the law


Describe what equality under the law means

Treating people the same way


Define and give examples of Liberty

Having freedom to make choices: To think, feel or choose as you please as long as it does not hurt others.

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