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process of glomerular filtration including pressures involved

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LP 8 exam 3

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How much filtrate is produced per day from nephron



Part of nephron where filtration occurs



Capillaries in glomerulus are fenestrated

contain holes


Podocytes are

filtration slits in foot processes


Filtration membrane is formed by

the fenstrations, podocytes and basement membrane between them


Three pressures control the filter

1. Glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure

2. Glomerular capsular hydrostatic pressure

3. Colloid osmotic pressure


Glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure is the

fluid pressure in the capillaries and is about 50 mm Hg


Glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure favors or opposes filtration



Glomerular capsular hydrostatic pressure is the

fluid pressure in glomerular capsule and is about 10 mm Hg


Glomerular capsular hydrostatic pressure favors or opposes filtration



Colloid osmotic pressure is produced by

plasma proteins that act like a salt in blood and is about 30 mm Hg


Colloid osmotic pressure favors or opposes filtration



Net filtration pressure is subtracting all 3 pressure to get NFP which is?

50 mm Hg- 10 mm Hg- 30 mm Hg = NFP 10 mm Hg

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