Excel Project EXP ECH06 H2 - Housing Construction Cost Variables 1.1

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Excel Project EXP ECH06 H2 - Housing Construction Cost Variables 1.1
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Excel Project EXP ECH06 H2 - Housing Construction Cost Variables 1.1

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Excel Project EXP ECH06 H2 - Housing Construction Cost Variables 1.1

EXP ECH06 H2 - Housing Construction Cost Variables 1.1

Project Description:

Your friends, Elijah and Valerie Foglesong, want to build their dream house. They identified tentative costs, but they cannot afford the $414,717 estimated cost. You will use Goal Seek to determine an estimate of the total finished square footage they can afford. To help provide more flexibility in their decision-making, you will create a data table listing various finished square footages and their effects on the base house cost and total cost. Finally, you will create another data table showing combinations of square footages and lot prices to identify total costs.


For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:



Points Possible


Start Excel. Open exploring_e06_grader_h2_House.xlsx and save the workbook asexploring_e06_grader_h2_House_LastFirst.



Use Goal Seek to determine the total finished square footage to meet the total cost goal of $350,000.



Enter a series of total square footages ranging from 1,800 to3,600 in increments of 200 in the range D6:D15. Apply Blue font and Comma Style with zero decimal places to the series.



Enter a reference to the base house price in cell E5 and a reference to the total estimated cost in cell F5.



Complete the data table using the appropriate input cell. Apply custom number formats to display Base Cost in cell E5 and Total Cost in cell F5. Apply Blue font, bold, and center formats to these headings.



Identify the square footage, base price, and total cost in the data table that comes closest to their goal. Apply Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 40% fill color to those cells.



Copy and paste the square footage substitution values in Table 1 to the range H6:H15. Remove the fill color. Enter these lot price substitution values in the range I5:K5: 90000,96000, and 102675, respectively. Format these values with the Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places and Blue font.



Enter the reference to the total estimated cost in the appropriate location for the second data table. Apply a custom number format to display Total Sq Ft in that cell. Apply Blue font and bold to that cell.



Complete the second data table using the appropriate input cells. Apply Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 40% fill color to the total price in each column that comes closest to their goal.



Format results in both tables with Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places.



Save the workbook. Close the workbook and exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.


Total Points


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