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What is Conduction deafness?

defect in external or middle ear, sound waves not transmitted in inner ear


What can cause conduction deafness?

blockage: usually ear wax, infection, rupture of tympanic membrane


What causes sensorineural deafness?

trauma to ear bones, congenital defect of inner ear


What are the two tests we performed in the experiment?

Weber test and Rinne test


How do you perform the Weber test?

activate tuning fork and place medially on head


How can you indicate that the Weber is resulting in sensorineural deafness?

only hear in good ear


If one ear is stronger in the Weber test, what does that mean?

Test subject may have conduction deafness.


How do you simulate conduction deafness?

place cotton ball in ear to block sound, activate tuning fork and place medially on head


how do you perform Rinne test?

For bone conduction: place tuning fork on mastoid process

For air conduction: place tuning fork mea external acoustic meatus


How can you tell its a positive result?

air conduction is louder than bone conduction


Negative result means:

bone conduction is louder than air conduction

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