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Chapter 18 The Cardiovascular System: The Heart

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Chapter 18 The Cardiovascular System: The Heart Lab exam True - False exam Matching questions

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Figure 18.1
Using Figure 18.1, match the following:
1) Purkinje fibers.

2) SA node.

3) AV bundle.

4) AV node.

5) Bundle branches.

1. Answer: E
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

2. Answer: A
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

Answer: C
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

4. Answer: B
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

5. Answer: D
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

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Figure 18.2
Using Figure 18.2, match the following:
6) Atrial depolarization.

7) Point after which pressure begins to rise in the aorta.

8) Ventricular repolarization.

9) Point that represents the "dup" sound made by the heart.

6. Answer: A
Page Ref: 679; Fig. 18.16

7. Answer: D
Page Ref: 679; Fig. 18.16

8. Answer: E
Page Ref: 679; Fig. 18.16

9. Answer: E
Page Ref: 679; Fig. 18.16

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Figure 18.3
Using Figure 18.3, match the following:

10) Ventricular fibrillation.

11) Second-degree heart block.

12) Junctional rhythm.

13) Normal sinus rhythm.

10. Answer: D
Page Ref: 681; Fig. 18.18

11. Answer: C
Page Ref: 681; Fig. 18.18

12. Answer: B
Page Ref: 681; Fig. 18.18

13. Answer: A
Page Ref: 681; Fig. 18.18


Match the following:

A) Epicardium
B) Parietal layer
C) Myocardium
D) Endocardium

14) The inner lining of the heart.

15) Heart muscle.

16) Serous layer covering the heart muscle.

17) The outermost layer of the serous pericardium.

14. D endocardium
Page Ref: 664

15. C myocardium
Page Ref: 663

16. A epicardium
Page Ref: 663

17. B parietal layer
Page Ref: 663


Match the following:

A) Purkinje fibers
B) AV bundle
C) SA node
D) AV node

18) The pacemaker of the heart.

19) Found in the interventricular septum.

20) Network found in the ventricular myocardium.

21) The point in the conduction system of the heart where the impulse is temporarily delayed.

18. C SA node
Page Ref: 677; Fig. 18.14

19. B AV bundle
Page Ref: 677

20. A purkinje fibers
Page Ref: 677

21. D AV node
Page Ref: 677


Match the following:

A) Pulmonary valves
B) Aortic valve
C) Mitral valve
D) Tricuspid valve

22) Prevents backflow into the left ventricle.

23) Prevents backflow into the right atrium.

24) Prevents backflow into the left atrium.

25) Prevents backflow into the right ventricle.

26) AV valve with two flaps.

27) AV valve with three flaps.

22. B aortic valve
Page Ref: 670

23. D tricuspid
Page Ref: 670

24. C mitral
Page Ref: 670

25. A pulmonary valves
Page Ref: 670

26. C mitral valve
Page Ref: 670

27. D tricuspid
Page Ref: 670

card image

Figure 18.4

Using Figure 18.4, match the following:

28) Tricuspid valve.

29) Mitral valve.

30) Right atrium.

31) Left ventricle.

32) Pulmonary veins.

28. Answer: B
Page Ref: 667; Fig. 18.4e

29. Answer: D
Page Ref: 667; Fig. 18.4e

30. Answer: A
Page Ref: 667; Fig. 18.4e

31. Answer: E
Page Ref: 667; Fig. 18.4e

32. Answer: C
Page Ref: 667; Fig. 18.4e


Match the following:

A) Ischemia
B) Ectopic focus
C) Quiescent period
D) Infarction
E) Fibrillation

33) Heart muscle is deprived of oxygen.

34) Death of heart muscle cells.

35) A condition of rapid and irregular or out-of-phase contraction of heart muscle cells.

36) An abnormal pacemaker.

37) Total heart relaxation.

33. Ischemia
Page Ref: 675

34. Infarction
Page Ref: 670

35. Fibrillation
Page Ref: 678

36. Ectopic focus
Page Ref: 679

37. Quiescent period
Page Ref: 682


True/False Questions

1) The myocardium receives its blood supply from the coronary arteries.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 670


2) Cardiac muscle has more mitochondria and depends less on a continual supply of oxygen than
does skeletal muscle.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 673


3) Anastomoses among coronary arterial branches provide collateral routes for blood delivery to
the heart muscle.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 669


4) Congestive heart failure means that the pumping efficiency of the heart is depressed so that
there is inadequate delivery of blood to body tissues.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 687


5) Tissues damaged by myocardial infarction are replaced by connective tissue.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 670, 687


6) The left side of the heart pumps the same volume of blood as the right.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 668


7) Chronic release of excess thyroxine can cause a sustained increase in heart rate and a
weakened heart.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 686


8) Arterial blood supply to heart muscle is continuous whether the heart is in systole or diastole.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 669-670


9) Trabeculae carneae are found in the ventricles and never the atria.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 668


10) The "lub" sounds of the heart are valuable in diagnosis because they provide information
about the function of the heart's pulmonary and aortic valves.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 681


11) Autonomic regulation of heart rate is via two reflex centers found in the pons.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 685


12) The papillary muscles contract after the other ventricular muscles so that they can take up the
slack on the chordae tendineae before the full force of ventricular contractions sends blood
against the AV valve flaps.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 670


13) An ECG provides direct information about valve function.

Answer: FALSE
Page Ref: 679


14) As pressure in the aorta rises due to atherosclerosis, more ventricular pressure is required to
open the aortic valve.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 687


15) Proxysmal atrial tachycardia is characterized by bursts of atrial contractions with little pause
between them.

Answer: TRUE
Page Ref: 690


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