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What is the functional classification for voluntary nerves?

  • somatic motor

To which structural class of the nervous system do autonomic nerves belong?

peripheral nervous system


Which term refers to the conscious control of skeletal muscles?

  • somatic nervous system

What cells of the nervous system are responsible for anchoring neurons to their blood vessels and controlling the extra cellular fluid concentrations of potassium and neurotransmitters?



What is the first event of an action potential?

  • Sodium ions diffuse rapidly and the membrane depolarizes.

Which of these lists the components of a reflex arc in the correct sequence?

  • receptor; afferent neuron; control center; efferent neuron; effector

The term central nervous system refers to the:

  • brain and spinal cord

Fibers that carry information from the skin, joints, and skeletal muscles to the central nervous system are:

  • somatic sensory

Which of these neuroglia cells forms the myelin sheath in the central nervous system:

  • Oligodendrocytes

The Schwann cell forms a myelin sheath around the:

  • Axon

The neuron processes that normally receive incoming stimuli are called:

  • Dendrites

Collections of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS are called:

  • Ganglia

The major role of the inter neuron is to:

  • connect motor and sensory neurons in their pathways

The two major functional properties of neurons are:

  • irritability and conductivity

White matters refers to myelinated fibers in the:

  • CNS

Impulse conduction is fastest in neurons that are:

  • Myelinated

During the resting state, a neuron is:

  • polarized with sodium ions outside the cell and potassium ions inside the cell

Immediately after an action potential is propagated, which one of the following ions rapidly diffuses out of the cell into the tissue fluid:

  • potassium

An action potential is caused by an influx of these ions into the cell:

  • sodium

Nerve impulse transmissions occurring along myelinated neurons are called:

sodium-potassium pump


The diffusion of potassium ions out of a neuron causes it to experience:

  • repolarization

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of events that correlates to the sequence of events of a nerve impulse:

  1. the membrane becomes depolarized
  2. sodium channels open and sodium ions diffuse inward
  3. the membrane becomes repolarized
  4. potassium channels open and potassium ions diffuse outward while sodium is actively transported out of the cell
  • 2, 1, 4, 3

The gap between two communicating neurons is termed:

  • synaptic cleft

The substance that is released at axonal endings to propagate a nervous impulse is called:

  • neurotransmitter

Which of the following is the correct sequence in a typical reflex arc:

receptor, afferent neuron, integration center, efferent neuron, effector


Muscles and glands are:

  • effectors

Which type of reflex involves skeletal muscles:

  • somatic

The elevated ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are known as __________ while the shallow grooves are termed __________.

  • gyri; sulci

A stroke in the primary motor area has caused Don to lose control over his skeletal muscles on the right side of his body. What lobe of his brain was damaged:

  • frontal lobe

Sally has a brain injury; she knows what she wants to say but can't vocalize the words. The part of her brain that deals with the ability to speak is the:

  • Broca's area

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