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Which cerebral lobes is the auditory cortex found?



Which cerebral lobes is the primary motor cortex found?



Which cerebral lobes is the primary sensory cortex found?



Which of the cerebral lobes is the olfactory cortex found?



Which of the cerebral lobes is the visual cortex found?



Which of the cerebral lobes is the Broca's area found?



Which meningeal structure is described?
*Outermost meninx covering the brain; composed of fibrous connective tissue
*its outer forms are the periosteum of the skull

Dura Mater


Which meningeal structure is described?
*Innermost meninx covering the brain, delicate and highly vascular

Pia Mater


Which meningeal structure is described?
*Structure that forms CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid)

Chloird Plexus


Which meningeal structure is described?
*Middle meninx; similar to a cobweb in structure

Arachnoid Mater


Which meningeal structure is described?
*Structures instrumental in returning CSF to the venous blood in the dural sinuses

Arachnoid Villi

card image

A- Postcenteral Gyrus
B- Parietal Lobe
C-Parieto-occipital sulcus
D- Occipital Lobe
E- Cerebellum
F- Precentral Gyrus
G- Central Sulcus
H-Frontal Lobe
I- Lateral Sulcus
J-Temporal Lobe
K- Pons
L- Medulla


card image

1-Cerebral hemisphere (small part)
2- Corpus Callosum
3- Septum Pellucidum
4- Fornix
5- Intermediate Mass
6- Hypothalamus
7- Optic Chiasma
8- Mammillary Bodies
9- Pituitary gland
10- Choriod plexus
11- Thalamus
12- Pineal gland
13- Corpora quadrigemina
14- Cerebral peduncle
15- Cerebral aqueduct
16- Fourth ventricle
17- Pons
18- Cerebellum
19- Medulla oblongata


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