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Rosa Parks

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My Name Is

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Rosa Parks


I was born on

February 4 in Tuskegee, Alabama


A conflict i experienced in my life was

segregation with racism wether it was at school or in public places (example: water fountains, play grounds, etcetera....)


I resolved my conflict by

by not giving up my seat which caused a Bus Boycott and African Americans didn't ride the bus. They walked everywhere they needed to go.


This conflict helped make me the person i am today because

today I don't have to sit in the back of the bus because of my skin color and I can be with people with a different nationality out in public without having to be told by them what do to.


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Banting, Erin. Civil Rights Movement. New York:
Weigl Publisher, Inc...,2009.Print.


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Inspired by Rosa Parks.


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