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27 Amendments

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Constitutional Amendments

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Amendment 1

Five Freedoms
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of speech
Freedom of the press
Freedom to assemble peacefully
Freedom to petition the government


Amendment 2

The right to bear arms. Federal government cannot take away the citizens right to own guns.


Amendment 3

Housing of soldiers/Quartering. People may not be forced to house and feed soldiers


Amendment 4

Search ans seizure. A warrant must be issued to search a home, or arrest someone.


Amendment 5

Rights in criminal cases. No forced testifying. No person may be tried for a crime twice after a verdict.


Amendment 6

Right to fair trial. Told of charges, right to speedy trial, right to a lawyer, and right to question witnesses.


Amendment 7

Rights in civil cases. Non criminal problems, like sueing.


Amendment 8

Bails, fines, and punishments. No crual of unusual punishment. No extra fines.


Amendment 9

Non mentioned rights.


Amendment 10

Reserved state powers. Powers lnot given to the federal government are owned and reserved for the states.


Amendment 11

State lawsuits. A state cannot be sued by a citizen from a different state or country.


Amendment 12

Presidiential elections. Rules of election.


Amendment 13

Ending slavery. Slavery becomes illegal.


Amendment 14

Due Process. Rights of all citizens may not be taken away by a state.


Amendment 15

Right for blacks(men) to vote. Gave former slaves the right to vote.


Amendment 16

Income tax. Congress may collect an income tax.


Amendment 17

Election of senators. People vote for senators.


Amendment 18

Prohibition of liqour. Alchohol declared illegal.


Amendment 19

Right of women to vote.


Amendment 20

Dates for terms of elected officials.


Amendment 21

Repeal pf amendment 18. Liqour is legal again.


Amendment 22

Limit of two terms for president.


Amendment 23

People may vote in Washington D.C.


Amendment 24

Poll tax declared unconstitutional


Amendment 25

Succesion of dead president.


Amendment 26

Voting at the age of 18.


Amendment 27

Salary increase in congress cannot take effect until next election.

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