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Second Grade Wordly Wise, Lesson 1

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Word list from the Wordly Wise 3000 books. Second Grade Atlanta Youth Academy

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2nd grade

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1. The back part of the leg between the knee and the ankle.
2. A young cow or bull.



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1. The sharp curved nail in the toe of a bird or animal.
2. A part of a crab or lobster used for gripping.
3. To scratch or dig it with sharp nails



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1. Two things of the same kind.
2. Two people who do things together.



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1. A pillow or a pad with a soft filling.



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1. Something attached on only one side so that it can move freely.
2. To move up and down



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1. A person who takes care of horses.
2. A man who is getting married.
3. To clean or make neat.



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1. A part that each person gets of a whole.
2. To use or enjoy with others



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1. Anything that covers or protects.
2. To give protection or safety to someone or asomething



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1. Is the land around a building.
2. A length equal to three feet or thirty-six inches.



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1. The number equal to 0. It stands for nothing.

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