Weary Herakles

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Weary Herakles Information: Western
statue 1.lysippos
Human body 2.Roman Marble 320 B.C.
3.Late Clasical
4.This was another copy of the weary herakles which was marble and was twice a lifesize and was exhibited in the emperor caracalla in rome. the muscle on this hero served as inspiration for the romans who came to the bath to exercise. the exaggeration of alot of muscle depicted a strong man that he even had to lean on his club for support.

5. this was a human body because its depicting a strong man while being nakd having exaggerated muscle. you can say this is human body because it showed herakles as a strong naked man showing all his deform body parts.

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The Harihara Non-Western
stone Statue Information:
Humanbody 1.Harihara
2.stone 7th Century
3.south East Asia

4.this stone statue shows vishnu in his manifestation as half shiva and half vishu. the left side of the face was shiva and on the right side was vishu.the broken arms and broken ankles indicated the vulnerability of the half life size image.
5: this is a human body because there is a stone staute from the 7th century bring depicted naked half body with broken arms and ankles. this shows how his body was depicted or done. It also had carvings with was relief on slabs or steles. i also said human body because this statue brought many people to it and was seen from all side showing his body and body movement.

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The Breakers
Urban/City Western

1.Richard Morris Hunt
2.Building architecture 1892
3.The rise of modernism
4.Richard specialized in serving the building ambitions of the America's new aristocracy. he also brought renaissance and baroque form to the design of their plans. the breakers was built for the railroad king. this was a favorite summer vacation place for the affluent.
5.this building shows it was a urban/ city place because it was a beautiful big rich building done for a king.it was also used in the summer it was a good place to be around. this had also brought back renaissance and baroque during this time period to the building and city.

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Eastern facade of Katsura
urban/city Non-western

2.building/ architecture
3.Later Japan 1620-1663
4.this facade was like a Tea house building because it was built during the tea ceremony.this building was done with elements that incorporated gracefulness. this building had little of everything it had wood, stone, tile, and plaster and also it was not that big.
5.this is described as urban/city because it was one of the popular Japanese buildings in that city. The thing that made it special was that it was done during the tea ceremony. Also its architecture was very popular using many materials such as wood, plaster, stone and etc.

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The Village Bride
Family Group Western

1. jean Baptiste
2.oil on canvas 1761
3. taste for the Natural
4. this image shows the family united because the daughter is being passed by her father to her future husband. then the mother is also their felling sad and crying because the daughter is going to live a new life. also them old and youngest sisters are also their crying. its very simple story its a happy climax there crying but also happy.
5. This is a family group painting because its shows a family being united and being happy and tearful. this shows its family because mother and father and siblings are present while the father is giving the daughter to her future husband.

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Honoring Song at painted tipi
family Group

2.pencil,ink,color pencil 1880
3.North America
4.this image shows a group you can say family tribe being together and singing and dancing to the tipi. this painting was done in the great plains and the tipi had the dead people parts from their tribe who died in the battles.
5.this was another family group image because it showed happiness between the tribe which was like a family to each other and would protect each other. shows them happily singing and dancing while their dead are being honored by the tribe.

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Chimera of arezzo
Animal Depiction western

2.Bronze 4th Century
3.later Etruscan Art
4. so this is a lion but was known as a monster of Greek invention which was a lions head and a Serpants tail.this also had a second head which was a goats head this head grew out of the lions left side. this also showed the tight muscles and the blood and showed that it was ready to fight.
5.this is a animal depiction because it shows a lion with a serpants tail and a goats head on its left side. this shows a bloody lion that has strong muscles ready to attack and fight. its also depicting to other animals which i said were the goat and serpant looking furious and scary.

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Chinese Lion
Animal Depiction Non-western

1.Kano Eitoku
2.color,ink, and gold leaf on paper late 6th century
3.Art of later japan
4.this six panel lion artwork shows the two lions as strong colorful, powerful beast with muscle bodies. the muscle are defined by the flattened broad contour lines. in this culture the lions were unknown the the images were not. the lions looked like they were a brash emblem of power.
5. This is another animal depiction because it shows to powerful golden lions looking very strong. although the lions were unknown the images were not to the people these lions were symbols of power and strength.

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Last Supper
Religious Function Western

1. Leonardo Da Vinci
2.oil on tempera on plaster 1498
3. High Renaissance
4. this image shows Christ and his twelve disciples are seated at a large table. this painting was done and story was that one of those twelve people would betray Jesus Chris.
5.this image is a religious function because it shows how Leonardo depicts Christ in the middle and half of the disciples were in half table and other in the other half. this is also religious because it was the last supper before someone betrayed Christ. you can also tell its very religious because of how the people facial expressions were.

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jahangir preferring a sufi shaikh to kings
religious function Non-western

2.opaque watercolor on paper 1618
3.Later southeast asia
4.this painting shows a religious holy Muslim men sitting on top of some cylinder with a comfy pillow. to his side are four men with bibles and they are all looking at him and talking to him. under the holy Muslim you can see two little angels hugging the cylinder.

5.this is a religious function because the artist depicted the holy Muslim o top and attracting the viewers eye to the focal point which is him. also how the baby angels are hugging the cylinder where the holy men is sitting on.i also think that it was religious because it shows four other men with bibles in their hands and it looks like they are honoring the holy men.

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