To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary

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Assuage, Vb.

Make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense: "Mary assuaged the fears of her daughter".


Apothecary, N.

an early form of pharmacist


Taciturn, Adj.

almost always silent; saying little

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Malevolent, Adj.



Predilection, N.

preference for


Condescend, Vb.

agree to do something that you believe to be beneath your dignity


Repertoire, N.

all the special skills a person has


Vapid, Adj.

boring or uninteresting


Indigenous, Adj.

belonging to a particular region or country


Wallow, Vb.

to indulge in something (usually an activity) with great enjoyment


Illicit, Vb.

unauthorized or improper


Vexation, N.

something that causes annoyance or problems

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