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The Cardiovascular System: Blood Pressure Regulation

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Flashcards for the cardiovascular worksheets.

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College: Third year, College: Fourth year

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a. Short term mechanisms for regulating blood pressure include regulating what three things?
b. Long term mechanisms will regulate _____________.

a.1. Vessel diameter
2. Heart rate
3. Contractility
b. Blood Volume


Two major arterial baroreceptors are located where?

a. Carotid sinus
b. Aortic arch


Using up and down arrows (for this purpose i will say increase or decrease), show the effect of increased blood pressure (BP) on the impulses sent to the brain, the effect on the the parasympathetic (PNS) and sympathetic (SNS) nervous systems and the resulting change in blood pressure.

Increase BP>>> Increase impulses>>> Increase PNS>>> and Decrease SNS>>> Decrease BP


As a result of these chamges in the PNS and SNS, list two effects on the heart and one on blood vessels.
Blood vessels:

1. Decreased heart rate
2. Decreased cardiac output
Blood Vessels:


Similar to question 3, show the effect of decreasing blood pressure.

Decrease BP>>> Decrease impulses>>> Decrease PNS>>> and Increase SNS>>> Increase BP


In addition to the effects on the heart and blood vessels, what hormones were released feom the adrenal gland?
1._________________ and

1. Epinephrine
2. Norepinephrine


a. What calla in the kidney monitor low blood pressure? __________________________
b. what enzyme is released as a result of low blood pressure? _________________________
c. What does this enzyme act on in the blood? ________________________

a. Juxtaglomerular
b. Renin
c. Angiotensinogen


Name two effects of Angiotensin II.

a. Increase aldosterone release
b. Vasoconstrictor


a. The main effect of aldosterone is:________________________.
b. How does this increase blood volume?_________________________________

a. Increase in Sodium(Na+) reabsorbtion in kidneys
b. Water follows Sodium


a. What other hormone will increase water reabsorbtion from the kidney?____________________
b. What is the major stimula for this hormone? _______________________

a. Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)
b. Increase in plasma osmolarity

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