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Key Features

100% Free is, and will remain, 100% free for everyone. Email is not required to join.

Responsive design looks and works great on all your devices.

Run as a web app

Easily run as a web app on both iOS and Android devices.


Manage card sets, links and members (classmates or students) for specific classes.

Create notecards for a specific book

When creating a notecard you have the option to enter the book and chapter(s) the notecard set is for. This makes it easy for you and others to find the notecard set in the future.

Embed on your website

Easily embed a notecard set on your website or blog. The size of the embedded notecard set is customizable.

Notecard images

Add images to your notecards by either uploading your own or entering the url of an image that is already on the web.

Format notecards

Use our simple formatting tools (bold, lists, highlighter, etc.) to add style and emphasis to your notecards.

Edit single notecard

Easily edit a single notecard without having to edit the whole set.

Powerful search tool

The search tool allow you to search notecards, books and members using the same techniques you would use when performing a search on Google, bing or Yahoo! Search.


Both notecards and books have subjects to make it easier to locate material to study. In addition to being able to browse notecard and book subjects, you can also add subject filters when performing a search.

Print notecards

To study on the go, you can print a notecard set either as a list or as notecards. Print options include font size and print/don't print images. When printing as notecards you have the option to print on both sides of the page.

Quiz me

Test your knowledge by taking the multiple choice quiz that is available for every notecard set. Round 1 of the quiz asks all questions. Round 2 asks questions missed in round 1 and so on until all questions are answered correctly.

Matching game

Interactive game where you drag the front of each notecard to its corresponding back or vice versa. Scoring is based on how fast you complete the game and the number of cards you miss. The matching game is available for every notecard set.

Multiplayer & Single Player BINGO

Play BINGO against your friends or go at it alone against computer opponents. BINGO games are created using notecard data. Multiplayer BINGO includes chat, BINGO Points and more.

My locker

When you join you will be given your own locker. Your locker contains your created notecard sets, favorite notecard sets, favorite books, favorite members and recent activity for both you and your favorite members.


Easily add notecard sets, books and other members to your favorites. Your favorites are stored in your locker.

Recent activity

View recent activity (created/edited notecard set, posted a comment, rated as helpful/not helpful) for you and your favorite members. If you are viewing another member's locker you can view recent activity for them and their favorite members.


You will receive notifications on your Notifications Page about activities that may be of interest to you. For example, if a member posts a comment for a notecard set you created or one of your favorite notecard sets is edited, you will receive a notification.

Card & list view

A notecard set can be viewed either as cards or as a list. Card view shows notecards 1 at a time where as list view shows all notecards at once.

Mark notecards

When viewing a notecard set in notecard view, you can mark notecards that are causing you trouble. Then, when you have finished going through each notecard you can view only the notecards you marked. Play games and print with only your marked cards.


Comments can be posted for any notecard set that is not private. Comments are a great way to thank the creator of the notecard set and to point out any errors.

Helpfulness rating

Every notecard set that is not private has a helpfulness rating. Each member can rate a notecard set as either helpful or not helpful. This helps others determine which notecard sets to study.


If your computer or browser crashes or there is a power outage while you are creating or editing a notecard set your data will not be lost.


Easily import notecard data from another source such as an excel or text file.

Password protect your notecards

When creating a notecard set you have the option to password protect who can view and who can edit your notecard set. By default, everyone can view your notecard set and only you can edit it.

Share on Facebook, Twitter & Google+

Easily share helpful notecard sets and books on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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