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Microbiology: An Introduction

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Gerard J. Tortora, Berdell R. Funke, Christine L. Case - 2013 - 818 pages

ISBN: 0321733606, 3

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This #1 selling non-majors microbiology textbook is praised for its straightforward presentation of complex topics, careful balance of concepts and applications, and proven art that teaches. In its Eleventh Edition, Tortora, Funke, and Case's Microbiology: An Introduction helps you make the connecti...on between microbiology and human health. This edition continues to incorporate the latest in microbiology research and includes more features designed to engage you and promote critical thinking.                                               With the complex and extensive information presented in introductory microbiology courses, demonstrating the connections between processes you can't see with your naked eye and diseases you will encounter in future careers can be challenging. Microbiology: An Introduction guides you through the process of disease diagnosis, aided by the practical application of the new Clinical Cases that are integrated through every textbook chapter.   This package contains: Microbiology: An Introduction, Eleventh Edition  

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Publisher: Pearson


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