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Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual

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Elaine Nicpon Marieb, Susan J. Mitchell, Peter Z. Zao - 2011 - 695 pages

ISBN: 0321616146, 2

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Designed for use with any A&P textbook, this best-selling laboratory manual features a wide variety of exercises and activities to meet the needs of any anatomy & physiology laboratory course. Known for its thorough, clearly-written exercises, full-color art, and tear-out review sheets, this lab man...ual gives you a hands-on laboratory experience. It is also accompanied by an interactive website built specifically for the A&P lab course that features pre-lab and post-lab quizzes for every exercise, Practice Anatomy Lab™ 2.0, and PhysioEx™ 8.0.   This new lab manual also features a brand-new art program that uses rich vibrant colors, 3D realistic rendering, and many new histology and cadaver photos.The PhysioEx 8.0 CD-ROM is automatically included with every new copy of the lab manual.

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Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


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