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Human Anatomy & Physiology

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Elaine Nicpon Marieb, Katja Hoehn - 2010 - 1229 pages

ISBN: 0805395695, 3

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With theEighth Editionof the top-sellingHuman Anatomy & Physiology with MyA&P text, trusted authors Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn have produced the most accessible, comprehensive, up-to-date, and visually stunning anatomy & physiology textbook on the market. Marieb draws on her career as an A&P p...rofessor and her experience as a part-time nursing student, while Hoehn relies on her medical education and classroom experience to explain concepts and processes in a meaningful and memorable way.   The most significant revision to date, theEighth Edition makes it easier for you to learn key concepts in A&P. The new edition features a whole new art program that is not only more visually dynamic and vibrant than in previous editions but is also much more pedagogically effective for today’s students, including new Focus figures, which guide you through the toughest concepts in A&P. The text has been edited to make it easier than ever to study from and navigate, with integrated objectives, new concept check questions, and a new design program.   ISBN 0805395695  3 mentioned above is just Human Anatomy & Physiology with myA&P, 8/e  Book/Access Card for myA&P.   If you want the CD and Manual you need to order the valuepack lsted below:   0805395911 / 4 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Interactive Physiology® 10-System Suite Package consists of:    0805361170 / 9 Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite CD-ROM  080537373X / 8 Brief Atlas of the Human Body, A 0805395695 / 3 Human Anatomy & Physiology with myA&P

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Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


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