McGraw-Hill’s 3 Evolve Reach (HESI) A2 Practice Tests

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Kathy A. Zahler - 2012 - 319 pages

ISBN: 0071800581, 7

This guide offers 5 full-length A2 practice tests just like the real exam, with answers and complete explanations for every question. The tests simulate the real exam in content, question format, and level of difficulty. Students get intensive practice with A2-style questions in English language, ma...thematics, and science. Features · 5 full-length sample tests that match the actual A2 exam in content, format, and level of difficulty · The only full-length A2 sample tests available outside of the official Admission Assessment Exam Review from the test-makers · The only reasonably-priced alternative to the $39.95 official guide. · Thousands of test-takers every year

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Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


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